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March 01, 2004



I Warn You all, I've recently entered this, and it is EVIL turn to Christ and Believe exactly what is in the Bible, this "awakening" is actually controlled by a Demon, proof of this is that I found the signs that it was giving me to be just leading me around, and It started all because I tried to use telepathy, but what I got in my head was not Human, it was something evil and it wanted to torment me, it NEVER tells the truth to not believe it, do not use Psychic abilities or divination, it is Not a good thing to have happen, Hitler had the same symptoms, if you search up Hitler's medical records from near when he died, He had the Abdominal pains and a variety of things that make me believe that he went through one of these so called "spiritual awakenings" I'm not sure exactly what it does to you.. but this is a horribly evil thing it is messing with you, I know 100% certain Christianity is the way to turn, I doubted but in the end I found out that this was not telepathy I was using, turn to Christ, become Christian, God can forgive absolutely anything and do absolutely anything.. I warn you, when I turned to Christ this thing attacked me, and made me feel pain.. quite a bit, should you be in one of these situations it is EVIL.. please heed my warning or you will be in Grave danger, do not use Divination or anything else of the like.. it is very bad.. and no Positive force needs to trick you for any reason, the good things this thing does are just a ploy to trick you, turn to Christ and ask God to fix it, he can do anything, and he Forgives anything.. this thing was messing with me and I managed to stumble along proof that it is an evil thing do not believe that it is Good, I say this as a warning, not believing me will be your own undoing..believe me.. turn to Christ and don't bend the words for the purpose of using divination and psychic abilities.. follow the Bible properly and believe what it says, or you will be in Deep trouble its a trap, the signs are evil, In the Bible Jesus doesn't want to have to prove himself.. God doesn't want to show us signs like this.. it just doesn't happen, and no it likely has nothing to do with 2012, because Hitler had it as well, believe me, this experience is Evil,.. You may not believe but Aknowledge that Good has no need to trick you, so it does not give false signs as this entity has done to me I tried to use psychic abilities and this happened to me, turn away from it and to Christ and ask God to end it, it is a very Evil thing.. maybe you think it invokes empathy and other things... but the Devil only needs you to not believe in Christ to get you into hell, because in Christianity even one sin gets you into hell, but "TRUE" faith in Jesus Christ is what saves us, this experience is a lie, and a trick and if you do not believe me unfortunately you will be Doomed. Turn to Christ now, do not bend the words of the Bible to do as you wish as some do, that is a blasphemous thing to do and it ultimately just means you really don't believe in the Bible.. Don't be ignorant to the Truth I say this to help you all not to hurt anyone Turn to Christ and You can be Saved... I say this out of Concern for all of you, I don't desire any of you to go to hell in the slightest so please heed my warning, this is to save you from a horrid fate, please.. believe me.


well curtis fuck your christ and fuck your interpretation of the christian god. these symptoms of spiritual awakenings are not set in stone. as for Hitler, do you have any proof please show me these medical records and so what if he had these "symptoms of spiritual awakening", spiritual awakening is a personal thing meaning that everyone is not going to achieve spiritual awakening in the exact same way and besides when he was ruling the last thing on his mind was being at peace with everything on earth and he's health could have been affected over all the stress of trying to conquer the world.
what is this thing that attacked you when you turned to christ?
what makes this thing EVIL?
how come god hasn't made the world better when he can do anything and make the world better for every species on the planet.

god needs to prove himself if he wants people to believe he exist and worship him.

spiritual awakening isn't supposed to give you psychic abilities, it is supposed to give you a feeling of one-ness with every living thing in the universe.

and your christian hell is different from what other religions deem as hell.meaning there is no one hell that every religion agrees upon. and besides hell is a faith thing anyway if you don't believe in god then you can't believe in hell because god technically did create hell.

here's another question what about all the animals and microorganism are they going to hell because they don't have the ability to believe in god.


sooner or later people will have to look at alternatives ways.They will come to realise that their old beliefs are not serving them any longer.When I say old beliefs, I refer to political,social and religious belief systems.If your old belief systems are so great, and influenced by old doctrines, then way is the world in the state that it is.Curtis,do you know the definition of insanity? It's doing the same thing over and expecting different results evertime.People are free to choose and we have been given our free will by God to excercise in order to grow and evolve spiritually.If you dont realise in this life time the fallacies that this world has created or that everything in your world is an illusion to assist you in becoming aware of this fact, then you will find this truth when your soul transcends.That happens in physical death, which to me is just another phase of your evolution.Dont despair, you will have another oppertunity to make things right for your soul in your next life time.That's if you believe in karma and reincarnation.The do goes hand in hand.Read about these things.You dont have to except it now, but someday you will.Then only will you see God in everything.All the best


Does Curtis know that the words of the bible contain some stolen truths and many lies meant to scare the masses, just like him? He was into telepathy. Did he use mind altering drugs to get to the point of telepathy. I ask because he sounds mentally disturbed. He also sounds like a Christian Gestapo who’s trying to scare other weak minded people into the new religion of christianity. There were many religions before Christianity that the chrisitans stole and incorporated into their own religion and now anything that is said against these made up/ stolen religions is call blasphemy and you’ll burn in hell for eternity. It is really sad that in this day and age, kids belive in santa claus, the easter bunny, the tooth fairy, etc… and the adults believe in the big guy in the sky with his hippy son.


an 8cm shift of the earth's axis with the earthquake in Chili,
Hopefully there will be an even bigger shift in consciousness. What happens in the physical must and will happen in the spiritual.We are lucky to live during this time.As souls we chose to incarnate into this world and be aprt of the shift.For some it will happen and for others it wont.Every soul evolves differently.We have to be patient and tolerant and allow those souls to evolve at their own pace.Spiritual awakening is in any case an individual journey.At the end we are all connected.What you do the one , you do to the masses.What you do to another, you do to yourself.Embrace and you will be embraced.Love, and you will be loved.Lets not judge one another.Love has different levels.One of the most important ones is acceptance.


It’s all in your MIND Curtis, the "EVIL" is your doing, your problem is you cannot face your own shadow, which is why you are not enlightened and have stumbled back from awakening. Don't worry you have an eternity to go back to the light, your own light.

Your loving brother



To be honest there is a big grey area of light and dark, there is hardly any definite definition of good and evil.
So much is intertwined, including dark angels in christianity and demons that summon luck towards humans such as some oni in japanese folklore.

Who knows if Greek Mythology is real
Who knows if Buddha truly exsist
Who knows if Jesus was the Misia
(i personally am a proud Christian)

but why bother arguing about it
maybe all these things co-exsist

we should just enjoy our physical life as much as we can
experiance as much as we can
and just be greatful we have this awareness we were gifted with
because some people walk so idly and so blind to so much in this world
everything is material and nothing on the inside matters to the majority

but we are the lucky few that realize

and why wether that to nothing with hate

im sorry if this seems like useless babble
but i saddens me to see people who say they are intouch with the light inside

use it like a fire to burn the forest of anothers
ya know?


Christians throughout history have always looked upon things like this as the devil's work. They fear what they do not know. They follow these leaders blindly. Christian history is littered with these atrocitys. Maybe they don't fear someone who is being awakened but rather jealous because the Lord chose someone else rather then them. I do not fear what is happening to me because I know it is from HIM my heart, soul, and dreams tell me so. I am rather confused right now but I know when He is ready He will reveal His purpose for me. Stop treating th unknown with fear embrace it and ask for His guidance. He will help you find the truth

coach suitcase

Remember:Whatever happens,happens for a reason.

Bec Smith

Jesus is the way the truth and the life.

Charlene Mckinley

This is exactly why my mother never forced organized religion upon me, she left it up to me. I have studied many religions, some extreme. God , Source, higher self ...whatever you choose to call our Creative Force...is everywhere...that is the miracle...and Love that wonderful feeling that radiates from our hearts and connects us is the power of God......So agree to disagree...and go with the flow...we all percieve things differently and change our perceptions. Change is life and life is change.


Ok..I have gone through this awakening and have seen God's angels with my own eye's. I have a hard time believing that he would send Angels if I was doing something evil...humm..
I would recomend doing a bit of research on the Bible. ALL of the Bible, not just what historians want us to see. Open your eyes and learn. BOOK OF THOMAS..
my favorite.."Lord forgive them for they know not what they do"


Lorie hit it on the head Curtis, you may want to read into the full bible, including the dead sea scrolls, Gospel of Thomas, etc. Maybe then you will see Jesus and his teachings in a new light. He was trying to get people to do what you are trying to tell people not to do, claiming the way of christ.

Lol, the way of christ IS enlightenment dude, you're just getting the Tsaul of Tsarsus and council of Niice version of jesus where this regular dude who awakened in the hills of nazareth was suddenly morphed into a mix of his own life and famous religious symbolism needed to unify the many religions under control by the romans at the time

they made jesus into a multicultural god so that people would actually believe and listen, it was necessary at the time as the fear of god was needed to keep the church and jesus' ideas growing

now though that system has served it's purpose and once again it is time to throw away all the church doctrine and once again get back to jesus ACTUAL teachings, and the things he ACTUALLY said, instead of all the interpretations and theologies created by unawakened individuals trying to understand the next level concepts Joshua was taking about

i agree jesus is the way, he is one of many ways, you should do more research into your boy instead of listening to the other people in your church who have never met him :-)


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Oh No Not agaiN

How 'bout some Viagra, you old, limp-dicked bitches!!!

Anyone for some country-fried hypocrites?

Weclome to America you fuck-tards, land of the slaves and the really, really stupid rich, where you can fuck an 11 year-old and call it Catholic Mass!

All of you need to wake the fuck up, and stop billy-goating with pussies about Jesus and Allah...do some real soul searching and go volunteer at a hospital, or a retirement home.

Go help an old person, someone that is sick and dying.

Are you forgetting about why you are here?

You are here to die, you mortal fucking piece of shit, so stop crying and live already.

My asshole is more spiritual than Uranus or your mother, so fuck off fuck-tards of the world.


Curtis...do not fear. We are all one, there is only one truth, and we are all going to eventually wind up in the same place. God loves all of us...He/She does not pick and choose. We are all here for a purpose and the sooner we ditch the the illusion of fear, the sooner we can ascend as a whole. This world is pretty much in the dark right now and we all need to start filling it up with light. We need to strip away that veil of fear (greed, power, pride, envy, separation, etc.) and start seeing ourselves as a "collective whole" who have chosen to come to earth to spread the message of love and learn to coexist with each other. By having such negative feelings, you are not only punishing yourself but you are also sending out all kinds of dark/negative energy that we don't need! Please Look within yourself and really listen to what your intuition is trying to tell you...and above all...ignore your fear based ego. It will fool you each and every time.


These comments illustrate the choice of realities we can live in. Its as if the devil himself is writing and again as if the angels are writing. Good/Evil Yin/Yang Hot/Cold Black/White...ect. My questions is why does a person who dosen't believe in spirituality even bother reading about it? Then to go out and rant seems to be their way of saying "whats the truth" I am certain anyone who lives by the (fear of god) is an unhappy person. Spirituality is the quest for knowledge. So long as we are living the physical life we are searching. I pray that ignorance of (Good/God) is replaced with peace and love. :-)


Thank you lord! I am not the only one!


lol @ the christians.... tell us when god actually appears as a man and not in all of us cuz thats what i think "he" really is hes in all of us we all wait to see him, well, look in a mirror.


i have read many "comments" here and agree with many and disagree with few. i DO NOT believe in GOD, i DO believe "he" is in and connects all of us. i do believe in life after death (reincarnation) and i do believe in spirits (i have seen them in ghost form)I also believe that many people call the "energy of life" what ever is most comfortable for them, be-it GOD/allah/spirit etc. MY truths are these, we are nothing but the physical manafestation of energy. it IS all around us, with-in us and of us. whats more is that it CAN BE PROVEN scientifically, and yet some-not all christians/catholics discriminate these proofs because they have not been named as man or woman. there is no good or evil, it IS neg or pos energies, you make it what it will, with the will you give it. i have been through and am still living the duration of my awakening. i feel it, see it, KNOW IT. i have seen the pictures while awake or sleep, i have felt the wind above and beneath me, i have heard the voices awake or again sleeping. i've listened to the music with no radio in sight, and have seen the beings come forth in the night. for those of you who do not believe, i will not tell you to fear or take head. for who ever you are, and for what you believe, is part of your learning, for which you will succeed. know this as you finish this read, no matter what you call it it is in you, waiting for the door to open and show you the truth.


I didn't see this on TV, I guess Oprah had a show on it, Awakening, but, I've felt differently. I was happy to see others have been also. My sense of smell has been out of this world. My body gets hot. I'm not talking to my parents or siblings because of their weirdness towards me. I won't even entertain the thought of seeing them again. Clouds are showing me things, so I think, but I'm definitely more interested in nature. Children are the most beautiful thing in the world. I can't get enough of learning about what people believe, say at church. And what's with all this Ancient Alien stuff on TV. Looks like I'm not the only one thinking about this deep stuff. I'm not saying it's necessarily true, all of this about aliens, or religion. It is filling my need for educating myself about spiritual,.., different things. I heard someone say something to me and touch me, when it was time for me to get up one morning (clear as day). So, if I'm more receptive to positive, nice energies, would negative people find me abhorrent? I've been through plenty of that, too.


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Dear Curtis, I am not going to curse at you or tell you off because no matter what you believe you are my brother and you deserve to be loved.... But I am iratated with the people that have cursed at you.. That is very nasty and mean what some have you have said to him... He believes something different, he should not be abused for these things he believes... I do not agree with the things he has said... But that does not mean he should be loved any less then any other person on this planet and beyond... In fact every single person on this planet that has ever lived has had a differnt view of things then others... We are all different yet all the same in one...
With much love,PAULA

man laksa

first of all this frekin symptoms is where it all begain to awake your way to realize your life past tha theres no evil on this plus you believe bible tha prist have been change the real story in the bible dont you see seek the real rigilion not the populer regilion like crist or jew thaaa how can a jesus be god,a god we cant know but we believe there is serch carefuly ugly


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